Winter is Coming!

  We’ve already had our first taste of winter with the snowflakes that hit on the 22nd, and we’re anticipating a lot more this season! Following last winter’s El Niño rain, this winter’s La Niña weather system will bring cold air and precipitation – just what we need for an epic season! In the meantime, [...]


Timberline Resort Lift Inspection & Safety Protocols

Timberline follows the ANSI B77 standard for lift operation and maintenance as recommended by the NSAA and our insurance carrier. These standards include the following actions:

Independent qualified individuals and organizations perform thorough inspections on each of Timberline's lifts twice a year, including our annual insurance inspection. The insurance inspector thoroughly examines Timberline's lifts, writes recommendations for upgrades and repairs, reviews manufacturer's service bulletins, and returns after the work has been completed to review work orders and repairs. We follow additional monthly and daily inspection protocols to ensure proper function, operation, and safety on our lifts.

The Thunderdraft triple lift was fully repaired and underwent extensive testing before it was put back in service. All tower welds have been inspected and tested. Crossbars have been strapped down on both sides, making the towers stronger than when they were originally manufactured. Thunderdraft's brittle bars have been upgraded to the latest technology. All lift towers on all three of Timberline's lifts have undergone and passed non-destructive (NDT) testing. We are up to date on all service bulletins.

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