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Canaan Valley is the highest valley east of the Rocky Mountains. It contains the largest wetland complex in West Virginia and the southern Appalachian Mountains, encompassing 6,700 acres. A town that was founded on the business of lumber, its first growth was so thick — and its natural beauty so lush — that early settlers had trouble seeing the sun. Now a bustling tourism area of charm and unfettered relaxation year-round, Timberline's chalets, cabins and luxury homes have a price point for every budget from which to explore and with the largest wetland complex in West Virginia. The biological diversity is astonishing in the Canaan Valley. Herz Mountain is on the Eastern Continental Divide separating the watersheds of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mississippi River. The elevation — 4268 — makes the mountain and the surrounding Dolly Sods similar to aspects of the Canadian tundra and Greenland, including peat bogs and one-sided spruce trees. This creates weather patterns that make Timberline unusual in the mid-Atlantic and southern ski industry.

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