Timberline Four Seasons Resort is nestled in beautiful Canaan Valley, West Virginia near the picturesque Blackwater Falls and the Dolly Sods Wilderness Area. One of the few remaining family-owned and operated ski areas in the country, Timberline has been a premier destination for mid-Atlantic and southeast skiers for over 30 years, and remains so. With a top elevation of 4,268 feet, the 450 acre property receives nearly 180 inches of natural snowfall annually. However in recent seasons, the unpredictable weather has brought an immediate need to improve our limited snowmaking capabilities to full snowmaking capacity.  In addition to skiing, the downhill terrain is ideally suited for summer mountain-biking, particularly in the advanced and expert range, and has been regarded by experts as unsurpassed anywhere south of New England.

Timberline ski area was constructed thirty one years ago through the hard work and dedicated effort of a number of community-minded individuals. Skiing has been an important part of the Canaan Valley since 1950, when the first rope tow was constructed and has been has since been engrained in the areas culture.  Timberline has remained focused on the winter mountain experience, with regular incremental improvements to the mountain infrastructure as funding has allowed.  The current management team plans to continue improvements and be part of the mountain and outdoor community for years to come.

In the winter Timberline offer Alpine (downhill) skiing, snowboarding, Nordic (cross country) and Telemark skiing, terrain park setting, ski racing, and adaptive programs for residents and visitors. In the spring, summer and fall we offer opportunities for experiencing the outdoors, serving families and groups who come for hiking, picnics, mountain biking, scenic chairlift, nature study, horseback riding, and resort events. There are also several amenities offered such as the restaurant and cafeteria. Guests have several lodging options when visiting Timberline Resort.

Timberline also plays an important role in the community; stimulating the local economy and providing jobs to residents.  This responsibility is not lost on Timberline’s leadership as we strive to take an active role in the community while simultaneously providing responsible stewardship of Canaan Valley and the region.

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