New Trails, Improved Snowmaking

Skiers can enjoy 31 new acres of glade skiing for the 2015-16 season on Old Dominion and Spinal Tap. Old Dominion is situated between the lower portion of The Drop and Salamander. Spinal Tap is located between the Silver Queen lift and The Drop, and will be approximately the same size as Cherry Bowl.

We have also completed clearing the areas for Timberline’s new terrain park and the future site of the tubing park. The new terrain park, currently unnamed, will be over twice the length of Bear Claw, at approximately 700 feet. This area will receive a new handle tow, which has been ordered and will be delivered soon. Both top and bottom lift terminals are in place and the lift shack is being built. All other lifts have been serviced and are in good working order for the upcoming season.

In addition to the new trails, Timberline has been working to increase our snowmaking capacity. We have installed new water pipes on the mountain, and will be installing two new pumps with the capacity to move 1250 gallons/minute from the bottom of the mountain, and 800 gpm from mid-station to the snow guns at the top of the mountain, allowing us to open some of the more advanced trails earlier in the season. New snow gun mounting poles are in place at White Lightning, and we are in the process of acquiring 21 new Snow Logic snow guns to place there. These upgrades will constitute a 30% overall increase to our snowmaking capacity.

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