Presidents Day Weekend by Dennis Adkins Charleston, WV

My family and I have a habit of taking the kids and grandkids to
Timberline each year, and I thought I would hold forth on my
impressions as part of this new site as a return visitor. i don’t ski,
but I sure have fun building fires and enjoying my kids and
grandchildren. We waited until the last minute to book, which was a
mistake, but we were still able to get booked into Deerfield. It’s
about seven minutes drive from the action, so we were glad to be able
to get in at all. We picked up our keys and since it was our first
time there, I was interested in how the accomodations would be and
whether they were up to par with the slope-side lodging I was used to.
I was pretty impressed. It was also very affordable and less
inconvenient than I would have thought. I would suggest arriving
during daylight if you are not familiar with the area. There were five
of us, but the condominium we had at Deerfield easily would sleep 8 or
10 people. I think I would like Deerfield in the summer because it’s a
lovely place to walk and it has a nice vista with plenty of green
space. My grand kids are ages 4 and 7. They took took ski lessons and
were pretty much skiing on the second day without a backward glance.
The instructors were excellent and patient.The food was excellent and
believe it or not they have steak and lobster on the menu among about
everything else. I been to Aspen and Vail and Timberline. I think
we’re pretty lucky to have a ski resort this close to Charleston. I
don’t ski so I wouldn’t know about the slopes but everyone was having
a great time. We will definitely go again. Dennis Adkins, Charleston,

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