Winter is Coming!

"Snowy Leaves" by David Faunce

“Snowy Leaves” by David Faunce


We’ve already had our first taste of winter with the snowflakes that hit on the 22nd, and we’re anticipating a lot more this season! Following last winter’s El Niño rain, this winter’s La Niña weather system will bring cold air and precipitation – just what we need for an epic season!

In the meantime, we have wrapped up our summer/fall operations to prepare for skiing. While the lift will not be operating for scenic lift rides or bikes, visitors may still hike our many trails and enjoy the last vestiges of autumn brilliance before the leaves give up their post.

Now is the time to book your winter ski vacation. Call 1-800-SNOWING for our hotel or 1-866-438-7259 to book one of the spacious and luxurious vacation rentals on our rental program. If you are bringing a large group, call 1-800-392-0152 to learn about our great group discounts on lodging, lift tickets, and rentals. We hope to see you soon! #ThinkSnow

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