Winter is Coming!

  We’ve already had our first taste of winter with the snowflakes that hit on the 22nd, and we’re anticipating a lot more this season! Following last winter’s El Niño rain, this winter’s La Niña weather system will bring cold air and precipitation – just what we need for an epic season! In the meantime, [...]


Behold the Beauty

We are located in a town Men's Journal rated as one of America's Top 10 Mountain Towns. USA Today, The New York Times, and prominent winter sport blogs and publications of note have recognized the charms of Canaan Valley, Davis, Thomas, and of course, Timberline Four Seasons Resort. Widely known for Herz Mountain with 39 ski trails, include glade skiing opportunities and the lateral scale of Vail, CO.

Sleep in or plan a hike up a Timberline ski trail in the off season for an extraordinary experience of flora, fauna, and wildlife and bring binoculars to bird watch. Timber's Pub and Fireside Grill is a great place to breakfast and repose for lunch after a day of mountain biking. There are probably 20 different ways down on a bike and each way is 1,000 vertical feet. There are a few moderate biking trails at Timberline, but the real draws are the steep, "catch-some-serious-air" trails such as those littered with ladder bridges, five- and 10-feet drops and those with rock gardens. Take a ski lift to the top of the natural hand-built trails, built and refined by the people who ride them.

Blackwater Falls State Park, a local petting zoo at Canaan Valley State Park and horseback riding with lessons for children 7 and up at Timberline Stables are just a few activities within minutes of your room at Timbers Inn or your choice of accommodation available through contacting or by calling 304-866-4777 or